《ポーランド&ドイツ ✈︎ ツアー! Day 5 - ①》

《ポーランド&ドイツ ✈︎ ツアー! Day 5 - ①》

7 / 21 (金)

Part ①
Maritime Museum

The Cambridges will celebrate the joint UK-German year of science which for 2017 is focused on oceans at the Maritime Museum.

Part ②
Elbphilarmonie Concert Hall

A special performance given by the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra for the children of Hamburg.

Part ③
Visit to Airbus

After a tour of the training facilities, the pair will meet apprentices and view the final assembly line of an A320 aircraft.

Part ④
Official departure from Hamburg 


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Part ①

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Part ①
Maritime Museum

The Cambridges will celebrate the joint UK-German year of science which for 2017 is focused on oceans at the Maritime Museum.

 Maritime Museum on the bank of the river Elbe. The visit was planned to "celebrate" the joint UK-German year of science, which this year is focused on oceans


The visit will have been of particular interest to the Duchess who revealed during a speech last week: "I have always been in awe of the sea." The Palace said Kate has a "particular interest in ocean ecology".


 travelled from Berlin to Hamburg via train this morning

Security was tight at Berlin Hauptbahnho this morning, with a heavy police presence as dozens of well-wishers waved off the royals after a successful two days in the city

boarded a train from Berlin to Hamburg 

could be seen chatting to their hosts as they prepared to wave goodbye to the German capital on Friday. On arrival in Hamburg this afternoon

warmly welcomed at Dammtor Railway Station

presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers after touching down at Hamburg's Dammtor station 

Kate meets local Bartek Kolodziej and four-year-old Maja outside Hamburg's Dammtor station this afternoon. After their concert trip, they went for an impromptu walkabout to meet hundreds fans inside the venue and then, as planned, met some of the estimated 3,000 people gathered outside

greeted by Hamburg Mayor Olaf Scholz (left) and Peter Tamm Jr, the museum director. Temporary railings had to be put up to hold back crowds of well-wishers who came to catch a glimpse of the royals


”Maritime Museum”

Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city, and home to its largest harbour. It is known for its strong links to the UK, which go back to the Hanseatic League in the 13th century

The building is the oldest preserved warehouse in Hamburg, built between 1878 and 1879 by the architects Bernhard Georg Jacob Hanssen and Wilhelm Emil Meerwein. It was built with a supporting structure of wood and steel columns, the outer walls of bricks also supporting the building. It was designed in neo-Gothic style

"Three thousand years worth of maritime history are displayed on nine ‘decks’ with precious exhibits, model ships and paintings. There is an entire deck dedicated to marine research. 

At the beginning there was the ocean. Humans stood at the shore, ready to sail unto new horizons. From there the journey through three thousand years of seafaring history begins. Historical documents and sea charts reveal how the modern world-view has developed. Particularly valuable: a copy of the "Atlantis Majoris" from 1657, the first nautical atlas printed in the Netherlands.

Hand painted crown compasses and shining, golden sextants lead into an era in which a keen eye and steady hand were required to determine the course. A signal station with Teletype machinery and signal codes demonstrates how seafarers communicated up until the twentieth century. Selected models show various strands of development in shipping: from Phoenician galley and Roman trireme to Viking dragon boats, from cog ships of the Hanseatic period and the explorer’s caravels to the last of the windjammers."

The museum houses a huge collection of model ships, construction plans, uniforms, and maritime art, amounting to over 40,000 items and more than one million photographs

It opened in a former warehouse in 2008. The private collection was started in 1934 by Peter Tamm - former chairman of the board of Axel Springer AG. Tamm said his interest was sparked when his mother presented him with his first model ship when he was six years old.



viewed a model of Her Majesty's Yacht Britannia, the former royal yacht of the Queen, in service from 1954 until 1997.

'Is that Britannia?' said an astonished William. 'It's beautiful – amazing.'
He was shown the model by Christian Hinneborg, 30, grandson of the museum's founder, who said that the 1:96 scale model took three months to build.
William admitted he had only been on Britannia a few times, saying: 'I don't know it that well.' 

Asked if there were any mistakes, he joked: 'I will have a careful look. I will get my magnifying glass out! But I'm not an expert. My father, being a naval man, would know. And my grandmother would definitely spot anything. But it is the most wonderful model.'

In 1997, the Conservative government committed itself to replacing the Royal Yacht if re-elected, while the Labour Party refused to disclose its plans for the vessel. After Labour won the general election in May 1997, it announced the vessel was to be retired and no replacement would be built. The Queen wept openly at the moving decommissioning ceremony for Britannia.

December 11, 1997

given a private tour of the museum with Hamburg Mayor Olaf Scholz (second left) as they are shown a core sample from under the sea 

Hamburg Mayor Olaf Scholz (far left) and Director of the Maritime Museum, Peter Tamm Jr (far right), give the royals a guided tour of the museum - which also houses a model of the Queen Mary II made entirely of Lego bricks

A painstakingly-constructed scale model of a ship, suspended in mid-air, hangs over Kate and William as they listen to a guide . Their visit marks the joint UK-German year of science in 2017

 listened to a presentation

The museum houses a model of the Queen Mary II made entirely of lego

Boys and their toys! William couldn't hide his delight as he tried his hand at steering a ship in a VR  cargo ship simulator

made their way through Hamburg’s dockside warehouse quarter to the Elbphilharmonie

The Royal Yacht Britannia in Venice during the Prince and Princess of Wales' Italy visit in 1985, 12 years before it was decommissioned

Fascinating history of the Royal Yacht Britannia

The Britannia was designed to replace the Victoria and Albert III during the reign of King George VI.

After the King's death in 1952, the new Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, personally approved plans prepared by architect Sir Hugh Casson and chose furniture, fabrics and paintings for the yacht.
Launched in April 1953 at John Brown's Clydebank Shipyard - it travelled 1,087,623 nautical miles, calling at more than 600 ports, in 135 countries.
But, in June 1994, the Government announced that the ship would be taken out of service. At the beginning of January 1997, Britannia set sail from Portsmouth to Hong Kong on its last and longest voyage.
On December 11 that year it was decommissioned at Portsmouth Naval Base in the presence of the Queen, the Duke and 12 senior members of the Royal Family.
Britannia served the Queen for 44 years, carrying her and the royal family on 968 official voyages. 


Part ②
Elbphilarmonie Concert Hall

They joined the orchestra on stage, before listening to a special performance by the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra. The audience was filled with children from all corners of the city, with the aim of inspiring a new generation to develop a passion for music and perhaps play at the venue in years to come

A special performance given by the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra for the children of Hamburg

Throngs of people lined the streets to greet the British royals as they arrived at the Elbphilharmonie concert hall today, fnaked by Hamburg's mayor Olaf Scholz. The couple listened to a concert before Kate tried her hand at conducting



Opened in January 2017, the "Elphi" was built with the aim of creating a new city landmark. It is one of the biggest concert halls in the world and renowned for its advanced acoustics

The royal couple were greeted by several thousand people who had turned out to see them as they arrived at the iconic new building in Hamburg's dockside quarter

joined 250 schoolchildren from all over the city taking part in a session designed to introduce them to musical instruments at the Elbphilharmonie, the city's new landmark venue

sit down to watch the orchestra play. It's not Kate's first brush with music; friends say she was also deputy head chorister in the chapel choir and was once commended in a BBC carol competition

The couple sat in an auditorium listening to a performance of the symphony especially adapted for young people and then went up on stage to learn more about how to play the instruments

Not to be outdone by his wife, Prince William also had a go at directing proceedings at the concert hall in Hamburg. Kate, who comes from a musical family and played flute throughout her school days, also took a conductor's baton this afternoon

bravely took the baton from the conductor as she tried her hand at directing the orchestra today. As a teen, Kate was a member of her prep school's Chamber Orchestra and the senior flute group - known as the Tootie-Flooties

Kate takes to the stage as she shows off her conducting skills . One of the largest music halls in the world, the stunning venue is located on the Grasbrook peninsula of the Elbe River


The Duchess of Cambridge directed the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra for a few brief seconds as they played the first four notes of Beethoven's fifth symphony - 'da, da, da, daaa'


On the Elphi with the Mayor


William, who told reggae star and former Aswad frontman Brinsley Forde 'I'm a bit good on the bass guitar' when presenting him with an MBE two years ago, avoided having a go
But Kate showed she was willing to try just about anything. 
Compere Juri Tetzslaff asked her if she played any instruments and she told him flute. 
'How long did you play the flute?' he asked. 
'Throughout my school years until the age of 18,' 
the Duchess replied. William, 35, did at least join in with his wife and the children in shaking their raised fists in unison in time to another part of the symphony.


Part ③
Visit to Airbus

After a tour of the training facilities, the pair will meet apprentices and view the final assembly line of an A320 aircraft.

The Duke and Duchess then departed by boat and travelled down the River Elbe to their final destination for this tour: Airbus

wave to onlookers aboard their boat as they prepare to travel down the River Elbe towards the headquarters of Airbus in Hamburg

The scene on the River Elbe

The company’s base in Hamburg is home to production, maintenance and training facilities. The couple toured the complex and met apprentices, both German and English

The Duke and Duchess visited the final assembly line of an A320 aircraft and viewed the cockpit of a near-complete plane.

tries on a virtual reality headset for the second time this week 

The Duchess dissolved into giggles as she tried on the Airbus VR headset today. The couple and their entourage took a boat ride down the Elbe in a pleasure craft called the Senator to the Airbus complex for their final engagement of the five-day tour

The Royal party set off down the River Elbe towards their final stop

 the final walkabout


Part ④
Official departure from Hamburg 




The Duchess gives Charlotte some gentle words of encouragement after she took a tumble. George, by contrast, looked to be in excellent spirits after having a go in a helicopter cockpit with the CEO of Airbus Helicopters, Wolfgang Schoder






 allowed a turn in the cockpit  

Evidently knackered after five days of travelling, Charlotte was seen yawning and rubbing her eyes

after some gentle encouragement from her mother she dutifully waved goodbye and made her way onto the plane

Charlotte took a tumble after stomping her feet when Kate took some papers away from her...

Poor Princess Charlotte looked upset after taking a tumble on the tarmac at Hamburg airport



George and Charlotte joined in to explore an EC145 helicopter - the same one William flies with the East Anglian Air Ambulance

Prince George looks ecstatic as he views helicopter models H145 and H135 

took a peek inside the helicopters before boarding their private jet back to the UK

The little royal looked beside himself as he was given a tour of the cockpit and all the controls inside the helicopter

board their plane back to UK





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『25ans オンラインコラム』

ほぼ毎日書いてます(*^_^*)  ♥♥♥ 



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